A High Quality Industrial Services

A High Quality Industrial Services
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We’re More than a Industrial Company

We’re More than a Industrial Company

Vishavkarma Agro Industries in Rajpura, an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, has been working with grains 4 decades ago as our specialisation lies in manufacturing the finest, whole range of Rice Mill Machinery including the Rice Cone Polishers, Vertical Rice whitener, Paddy cleaners, Paddy Separators, Rice Graders, Centrifugal machines, elevators, S-bands, Kinki Sieves, Sizer Machines, Bucket Elevators, and much more! 

With three decades of invaluable experience, Vishavkarma Agro Industries, based in Rajpura, stands as a beacon of industrial solutions. Boasting an impressive portfolio of 800 successfully completed projects, they have firmly established their expertise in the field. Their commitment to innovation and excellence has propelled them forward, making them a trusted name in the industry.


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Cultivate Excellence Through our Wide Range of Offerings

Rajpura Vishavkarma Agro Industries repertoire is a testament to our pursuit of excellence. Delve into our comprehensive portfolio of agro equipment that has assisted farmers and agriculture businesses in all these years not only in Punjab, but pan across India. Our production section is a mesmerising symphony of cutting-edge machinery and time-honored techniques, transforming humble paddy into the finest grains of rice.

The Rice Length Grader, a magician that ensures each grain is of perfect length; the 3 Tier Plan Shifter, a master of separation that elevates rice classification to an art form; the Elevator System, a conveyor that glides like a gentle breeze, safeguarding the delicate journey of rice. And that’s just the beginning!


The Centrifugal Machine twirls away excess moisture, the S-Band Kinki Sieve orchestrates a harmonious dance of purity, and the Rice Silky Machine adds a touch of elegance. As you stroll through the Paddy Parboiling Plant System, the aroma of possibility fills the air, promising rice that’s not just food, but an adventure.

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We Create Big Things with Big Ideas

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So, what are you waiting for? Come and explore the symphony of agro equipment curated by Vishavkarma Agro Industries in Rajpura, India – where every machinery edition tells a story of innovation, boosting the yield now and then. 

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